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Innovative two-step set up to get you started quickly

The HAMILTON-H900 humidifier has been developed with focus on ease of use and patient safety allowing caregivers to focus on the important aspects of patient care. It offers an innovative two-step set up to get you started quickly.

All connections on a humidifier are in a single breathing set enabling one-hand operation. Due to the ergonomic design, the user interface can be easily seen and provides all needed information at a glance.

Smoothbore breathing sets with embedded heater wires – available for adults, paediatrics, and even neonates – lead to significantly reduced condensation. This, in turn, ensures the delivery of the set level of humidity to the patient. Thanks to the integrated temperature probe, extra working steps belong to the past.

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HAMILTON IntelliCuff
Ensuring optimal cuff pressure and patient safety

Continuously optimized and controlled cuff pressure supports ventilation therapy and protects your patients from VAP and tracheal injuries – whether you use IntelliCuff during air transport with quickly changing ambient pressure, or in the operating room for N2O narcosis or laparoscopic abdominal surgery.

IntelliCuff is developed by Hamilton Medical and designed for immediate use; no calibration is required. It operates in a wide but still safe range of desired cuff pressures for various cuffed endotracheal tubes to provide suitable solutions for various clinical situations. You just set the desired cuff pressure, which is then maintained automatically.

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VENTILAIR® II Compressor


A reliable and powerful source of compressed air

With its superior pressure and flow characteristics, the VENTILAIR II compressor ensures a constant, clean, dry compressed air supply for medical ventilators.

It can be used either as a primary air source or as an automatic backup to a hospital’s central air pipeline system.

An automatic switchover feature provides compressor output to the ventilator without delay when gas pressure falls.

The VENTILAIR II is available for use with all Hamilton Medical ventilators without independent air supply: HAMILTON-G5, HAMILTON-S1, GALILEO, and RAPHAEL or in a mobile version for general-purpose use.

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