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MEDIN: A HAMILTON Medical Company

Medin develops and produces nCPAP systems and consumables for premature infants and newborns for clinical application in the delivery room, in the intensive care ward and during transport.

As the only manufacturer, medin offers solutions and products for the complete spectrum of non-invasive respiratory support for premature infants and newborns. You get a large, comprehensive and coordinated toolkit for the NIV therapy of your small patients, from CPAP to assisted respiratory support to non-invasive HFO.

Medin accessories are perfectly coordinated to medin devices. They can also be used with many other devices and thus provide you with varied and, above all, practical solutions.

Medin full commitment and knowledge are focused on lung-protective solutions for respiratory support in order to ease the workload of hospital staff in the best way possible.

Since 2014, medin has belonged to the Swiss company Hamilton Medical which manufactures consumables for the ventilation of severely ill patients – from premature infants to adults. Hamilton Medical is managed by the second and third generations of the Hamilton family.

The family’s vision has always been to put technology at the service of humanity. To turn this vision into reality, the company relies on a long-term strategy for the benefit of the patients and clinical staff, instead of focusing on short-term profit generation.


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