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KLS Martin marLED® V10 & marLED® V16

KLS Martin marLED V10 & marLED V16

This lighting system consists of the main light marLED® V16 and the satellite light marLED® V10. The two are matched in form to make a perfect whole. The VariLUX feature allows still unrivaled adaptation of the light field to the form of the surgical site. In fact, you can select either a circular or oval light field, depending on anatomical conditions or the operating technique used.

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KLS Martin marLED® E15 & marLED® E9i

KLS Martin marLED E15 & marLED E9i

The marLED® E series by KLS Martin satisfies the highest quality standards. Boasting a new product design, the light offers excellent ergonomic handling and ease of operation. Due to the innovative joining technique, it complies with the highest hygiene standards.

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KLS Martin marLED® E3 

KLS Martin marLED E3

It is just as ideal for medical practices as it is for hospitals. It impresses with its slim design. It provides light of unmatched intensity: With the marLED® E3, KLS Martin offers you a real highlight.

Thanks to the use of LEDs, this examination light opens up new possibilities of light and light head design.

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KLS Martin marLED® E1

KLS Martin marLED E1

These examination lights bring state-of-the-art LED technology to the field of medical examinations and stand out with high flexibility and good positioning of the light head in day-to-day work environments. With their ergonomic design, these lights make the daily checks and examinations a great deal easier for physicians and the nursing staff.

Whether as a ceiling light, wall light or mobile light, or with an adapter for standard rails, marLED® E1 examination lights help to make work processes as smooth as possible for doctors and care staff, and they can be adapted extremely well to any conditions in the room.

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